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The great Depression and the World Wars essays

The great Depression and the World Wars essays A Look at the Great Depression of 1936 After reading through the article, I gained very good information of what really happened during the era of 1930s in USA. Whereas I think the main cause for the Great depression was the huge stock market crash that occurred in October 1929 other than the Dust Bowl. The great Depression affected almost every nation. It caused a sharp decrease in world trade because each country tried to help its own industries by raising tariffs on imported goods. Everyone blamed the President Herbert Hoover at that time and people were very upset about his decisions involving the economy. They dealt with anger and elected President Franklin D. Roosevelt. He was the one who helped get the economy back in shape by creating a program called the New Deal. I think the Great Depression is one of the most misunderstood events in American history. It is routinely cited, as proof that unregulated capitalism is not the best in the world, and other interventions can save capitalism from itself. Among the man y myths surrounding the Great Depression are that Hoover was a laissez faire president and that FDR brought us out of the depression. What caused the Great Depression? To get a handle on that, its necessary to look at previous depressions and compare. The Great Depression was by no means the first depression this country ever had, but it was clearly the worst. What made it different that the rest? At the time of the Great Depression, government intervention in the economy was higher than it had ever been and a special government agency had been set up specifically to prevent depressions and their associated problems, such as bank panics. One agency was the Federal Reserve Board and it was to have been the loaner of last resorts for banks in order to prevent collapses as it happened before. I think the most dynamic fiasco, ever recorded which affected life in eve...

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How might government debt reduction plans affect Bury Sports Ltd Essay

How might government debt reduction plans affect Bury Sports Ltd - Essay Example The UK public sector budget deficits, which are recorded since 2002-03, have already reached at the level of  £6.0 billion in February 2010, more than double in comparison with its previous year level. Net capital borrowing has increased almost one and half times more to  £12.4 billion than its previous year level. As a percentage of GDP the net public sector debt of the UK government has touched to 60.3 per cent in February, 2010, a 10 scale higher than the level of February, 2009. At the end of February, 2010 the net debt also has increased to  £857.5 billion from a level of  £712.4 billion in February 2009. Net public sector borrowing has also jumped to  £49.4 billion from the level of  £ 32.4 billion, at the end of the third quarter of 2009-10. Excluding the financial interventions, the public sector net debt has risen to  £741.6 billion by the end of February, 2010 from the level of  £596.9 billion which was seen in February, 2009, exactly before one year. (Month ly:  £6.0bn budget deficit, March 29, 2010; Tanweer, Thompson, n.d.). Keeping these issues in mind the government has taken a deficit reduction strategy. This set the path to Mr. Alistair Darling, Chancellor of the Exchequer to take an aggressive decision towards the reduction of debt. The government has planned for high cuts in its public spending over the coming two years. Mr. Darling intends to reduce the general government spending excluding capital investment, interest on debt and social welfare costs by almost 1.5 per cent and 2 percent in 2011 and 2012 respectively. (Fiscal Responsibility Bill, 2009-10, pp. 1-3). With the outlook of bringing the budget back into balance within 2017 financial year, the government would like that its budget deficit as a percentage of GDP may fall to almost the half level of the present year standard. With the

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What dominates the relationship between the Mideast and the Western Essay

What dominates the relationship between the Mideast and the Western powers - Essay Example the worlds that are endowed with a lot of natural resources wealth, especially the oil deposits, which then make it one of the strategic sources of petroleum globally. In this respect, the resource question dominates the relationship between the Mideast and the Western powers, since despite the fact that the two ends of the world have major differences regarding the political, social and economic orientations, the Western powers must keep cooperating with the Middle East as a major source of raw material for their economy (Bew, n.p.). Thus, despite the fact that there is a high degree of violation of the human rights and other democratic principles that are held in high esteem by the Western powers, they still find it necessary to keep a cordial relationship with the Middle East, for the sake of continued benefit from the oil resource. It is even difficult to imagine what would happen should the Middle East severe its relationship with the West, since there would be a dire shortage o f the oil resource to the West, which is a major driving force for the Western powers’ economies. Market is yet another major factor that dominates the relationship between the Mideast and the Western powers. The Middle East offers a huge market for the Western Powers products on top of producing essential raw materials for those economies, such that trade with the Middle East is a fundamental determinant of the Western Powers dominance in global economy (Hourani, 45). During the World War II, the USA stationed its troops in Iran so that the troops would protect the Iranian oil deposits from being exploited for the advantage of the USSR (Fawcett, 102). Since then, the interest in the Middle East oil resource has informed the relationship between the western powers and the Middle East. In this respect, the Western powers have formulated their foreign policies such that they still reflect a cordial relationship with the Middle East, even when the middle East countries are advancing

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Crimes Essay Example for Free

Crimes Essay Crime prevention is a major responsibility of law enforcement organizations. It is necessary to promote and maintain peace and order to the community by executing measures that lessens or diminishes crime rates as impacted by lawbreakers in society. Several solutions bring about the decrease in crime rates in the community. These solutions do not only depend on the roles and responsibilities expected to be carried out by law enforcement agencies, but also require cooperation from the people in communities and the government. Crime prevention should be a group effort because the will to prevent crime is everyone’s concern. With this in mind, one possible solution for crime prevention is motivating the community to be vigilant and cooperative in responding to criminal offenses. Law enforcement agencies cannot prevent crime without the help of other members of the community. In this case, the roles of victims, witnesses, and whistleblowers are magnified. When victims, witnesses, and whistleblowers experience criminal offenses of any gravity or kind, they should report it to the police. This catches the attention of law enforcement agencies allowing them to respond to the situation in a timely and apposite manner. Aside from experiencing criminal offenses, people should be able to inform the police of concerns regarding potential offenses observed in the community. Staying one step ahead is better, and by informing the police of concerns or observations, law enforcement agencies are able to plan ahead to prevent crimes from happening. Another way to prevent crime is by being cautious or vigilant about oneself and his surroundings. People should take safety measures in order to protect themselves, their property, and other people from the harmful nature of offenses. This includes following tips on safety precautions as advised by the state, law enforcement agencies, and concerned citizens or private organizations (HCSO, 2008). Engaging in a joint effort by the neighborhood, such as the establishment of neighborhood watch groups, is also one possible way to reduce or eliminate crime. Crime prevention does not only necessitate cooperating with the police, but also with other members of the community. Neighborhood watch groups are composed of people from a neighborhood who are concerned with the community’s safety and are willing to provide assistance to law enforcement agencies for crime prevention. Through collaboration and teamwork, people in the neighborhood are able to counter crime by evaluating their neighborhood and determining what steps to take in order to increase peace and order in their area. (Solutions for America, 2003) Technology and innovation also play a major part in reducing or eliminating crimes committed by offenders in the community. Law enforcement agencies use information technology in order to prevent crime and capture offenders. Crime rates, data sheets, and other background information about crimes, criminals, usual victims, and environments where crimes take place, etc. re stored electronically in a database managed and maintained by law enforcement agencies. Through this system or database, law enforcement agencies are able to share or view this information whenever needed for reference when it comes to predicting criminals patterns of potential risks that may cause the rise in crime rate in a particular situation. (SCRA, 2008) Continuous research and innovative techniques are being employed by private organizations in order to improve technologies that are being used by law enforcement agencies. For instance, the National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center or NLECTC is active in research and experimentation in order to improve the quality, features, and functions of law enforcement technologies, making them more suited for crime prevention and criminal capture. Since technology demands high fees, it is the role of the state or federal government to allocate funds for this cause because technological advancement improves the performance of law enforcement agencies. Using technology automates law enforcement work, making it more efficient and timely in crime prevention. SCRA, 2008) Some of the gadgets that law enforcement use that assists in reducing or eliminating crimes committed by offenders include lightweight body armors, drug-recognition tools (through pupil scanning), cars (such as the Lotus Exige S which increases road safety for police officers especially when in pursuit), gunshot location technologies (computer that supervises specific areas to detect gun shots), video intelligence softwares for computers (may be used in houses, business companies, etc. or surveillance purposes), LED Incapacitator (it is a flashlight which emits LED light that restrains individuals when they look directly at it), and armed robots (apparently, some robots are utilized by law enforcement agencies by arming it with taser guns. (Gizmag, 2008) Focusing on rehabilitating crime offenders is also a plausible way in preventing criminal offenses. Restorative Jus tice is one way of rehabilitating criminals in order to reintegrate them back into society. It includes motivating jailed offenders to contribute to the community as a form of penalty. Restorative Justice also focuses on restoring damages to the victim and the community as a result of criminal actions taken by offenders. As a way to pay for crime offenses committed by offenders, they should be able to take necessary actions to patch up the relationship between the victim and the community to the offender. Through the penalties imposed to criminals, they are able to learn how to become responsible and cooperative citizens who area belt to make the right decisions. Moreover, restorative justice eliminates recidivism because it provides offenders the chance to correct their mistakes and become a valuable and accountable part of society.

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Dill Pickle Essay -- essays research papers

  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã¢â‚¬Å"A Dill Pickle† is a story of a run in between two old lovers. The story begins with a nameless man eating a snack at a Chinese Pagoda. While waiting he sees a woman in the distance, as she walks forwards he sees Vera, a woman he dated six years prior. He invites her to sit down and have something to eat with him. She takes him up on the offer and sits down. They begin talking about the usual and then about the times that they spent together. He reminds her of the day they spent at Kew Gardens. What the man remembers of the day was how he was ignorant to all that she spoke to him. What Vera remembered was him confessing his love to her and telling her that no matter how much he lover her, she would never love him back.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Vera sees that he has changed a lot since their breakup. The man is considerably better looking from when she dated him. By the way he is dressed, it appears that he had done well for himself and has matured quite a bit. He offers her a cigarette from a Russian cigarette case, which leads him into his next conversation topic.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  He tells her that since their breakup he has done what they had dreamt of doing while they dated, travel to Russia. In fact, he had become a world traveler who spent over a year in Russia. He tells her of the straightforward manner in which Russians acted and how much she would have enjoyed it.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  He tells her how great o...

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Black Swan Essay

Speech problems are serious hardship for children as they have to cope not only with medical aspects of the problem, but also with social exclusion and mockery. David Mitchell in his book tends to recreate the childhood from the child’s viewpoint, to transmit feelings, emotions, doubts and anxieties of children. Moreover, the author decided to show the life and hardships of a boy suffering from stammer. Children always feel embarrassed when they stammer as they think they may be mocked at. The world of children with speech problem is delicate and fragile; therefore, they are vulnerable to more stresses and anxieties. They are less confident and more reserved. That is what the author is willing to show in his book. Jason Taylor, the main character, is a common teenager who was born in a village in Worcestershire in the year of 1982. Though he is unremarkable in appearance, he is aspiring poet. He is highly gifted child with rich inner world. Jason tells the story about his school days, about problems with parents and his elder sister who irritates him constantly. However, Jason has speech problem – he has a stammer and this fact makes him feel embarrassed and unconfident. Like all children Jason has secrets from his parents and school friends. He hides the fact that he is a poet and his poetry is written under the name of Eliot Bolivar. (Mitchell 2006) The author starts his novel from explaining and examining the social status of childhood. The first chapters are devoted to analyzing why some children are called by their first names, some children – by â€Å"sort of respectful nicknames like ‘Yardy’†, wheras others by their surnames and some by ‘piss-take nicknames like Moran Moron or Nicholas Briar who’s Knickerless Bra. . It’s all ranks, being a boy, like the army†. Mitchell shows that children are other people in the world. The book is an interesting and exciting story of a 13-year boy whose parents divorce. The author provides detailed overview of his anxieties, thoughts and reflections. Actually, the author details on the first year of his life after the divorce. It is discovered the Jason’s father has another woman. As for me, the most impressive part of the book is when Mitchell writes about Jason’s stammer stressing that this speech impediment causes lots of problems for young boy as he has to â€Å"think one sentence ahead, and if you see a stammer-word coming up, alter your sentence so you won’t need to use it†. Jason is a very sensitive and vulnerable personality and he is afraid of being labeled as â€Å"Stutterboy†. He hides his stammer and fears that his school friends and teachers would become aware of his speech problems. The author impressively conveys Jason’s inner anxieties and feelings to the readers. The book is poignant as the author is struggling to keep the tension and intrigue at the desires level. (Mitchell 2006) I think that the book is a mix of genres as the author refers to social realism when showing that children with speech problems may suffer from social exclusion, and romanticism when conveying Jason’s inner struggle. Mitchell vividly depicts Jason’s family life. Mitchell shows his best qualifications of a caricaturist. He has a better ear for the smarmy and the self-important, like Jason’s father, than for the more softly spoken. For example, he claims at the dinner table: â€Å"The principle, o daughter of mine, is a universal constant. If you don’t keep records, you can’t make progress assessments. True for retailers, true for educators, true for the military, true for any systems operator. One bright day in your brilliant career †¦ you’ll learn this the hard way and think, if only I’d listened to my dear wise father. How right he was†. Actually, Jason gets the best lines in the novel. The author chooses the child character to show the different consciousness, different attitudes and perception of the problems and anxieties. Mitchell defines childhood as inevitably the age of false notes and brashness. He outlines that children shouldn’t be allowed too much knowingness. Jason is well-educated and quick-witted boy and his perception of the world is rather fresh and original. For example, Jason thinks: â€Å"Woods don’t bother with fences or borders. Woods are†¦ fences and borders. The world won’t leave things be. It’s always injecting endings into beginnings. The crows parascended up and off†. (Mitchell 2006) Jason is also very observant and shrewd. When he sees that his father meets his brother-in-law, he mentions: â€Å"Each was wearing the jersey the other’d given him for Christmas†. In such a way the author restore the slang of Black Swan’s school children. (Mitchell 2006) I like the way Jason depicts love and affection, when a girl attracts him, he says: â€Å"Magnets don’t need to understand magnetism. Listening to houses breathe makes you weightless†, etc. But the striking sentences and snatches of dialogue are too often waylaid by cutesy apercus – â€Å"The earth’s a door if you press your ear against it† – and the narrator’s wish to be too cunningly callow. (Mitchell 2006) Speaking about what I have learnt from the book, firstly, I want to say that the book has made me more aware about the world children with speech problems live in. I am really impressed by Taylor’s pretence to see beyond his childhood. I think that boy is too clever and intelligent for his age, though he shouldn’t hurry to become old. The book is very informative as it reveals the reality of life: children wit stammer may undergo mockery and social exclusion. A child may be excellent student and talented personality, though children would laugh at his speech impediment. The author teaches us to be more tolerate and to think and only then to act. Moreover, I see psychological changes occurring with children after parents have divorced. I found out that children became more reserved and failed to display their true feelings and emotions. And I think that Jason’s stammer is apparent consequence of parent’s divorce. (Mitchell 2006) David Mitchell wants, in my opinion, to do a very ambitious thing in this novel, which is to write a book about a young adolescent – and the young adolescent as natural poet – as though it was written by a young adolescent, but he hasn’t quite found the voice for it. A young adolescent finding his voice by experimenting with other voices is a useful device for a novelist. But a young adolescent is even more promising for contemporary fiction because he is someone who doesn’t want to be too accessible or too unpopular. Mitchell’s fans should see this as a transitional novel in what is already an intriguing career. The book is filled with Jason’s insights and revelations. The adult world is obsessed with fame and erotic life, and, therefore, Mitchell’s book is of great importance as it teaches people to be more patient and tolerate towards children with speech and health problems. The book is very impressive and it remains nobody indifferent. Mitchell shows that children are strongly affected psychologically when parents decided to divorce. Mitchell’s book covers all these problems stressing that children psychologically suffer from parental split up and their speech problems may become more severe. The book is surely the ambitious study of adolescence. (Mitchell 2006) The book is relevant to the course â€Å"Communication Science† as the auhtor discusses speech probems of Jason Taylor, in particular, stammer and its psychological affect on child’s behavior. Mitchell shows that speech problems make children feel shy and self-conscious. Ccommunication is playing nowadays one of the most important roles in society because it is the core source of mutual understanding among people. Communication is the greatest luxury given to people. Works Cited Mitchell, David. Black Swan: A Novel. Random House, 2006.

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Duke Ellington Free Essay Example, 1500 words

Day Month Year The Legacy of Duke Ellington There have been numerous influential musicians over the years. Think of classical music and Beethoven or Mozart come to mind. Consider Rock and Roll for even a moment and the Beatles or Elvis Presley are certain to be become part of the conversation. Likewise, there have been many people over the decades that have had a tremendous impact on jazz music. Jazz is largely an American musical invention, and there have certainly been some great tunes composed over the years. Because of the sheer number of songs recorded and the impact that he had on jazz musicians over the past century, continuing even to this day, Duke Ellington is certainly worthy of inclusion when asking about the top jazz artists of all time. This brief paper will examine the life and legacy of Duke Ellington. Let us begin with some well known facts about Mr. Ellington. He was born in Washington D. C. on April 29, 1899. Unlike many black composers of his time, Duke Ellingto n did not grow up in poverty. We will write a custom essay sample on Duke Ellington or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now Rather, he was raised in a middle-class area of Washington D. C. by two involved and seemingly loving parents. In fact, his parents were talented musicians as well, which lends credence to the saying ‘like father like son’. Naturally, Duke’s father encouraged him to learn to play various instruments from an early age. It is noted that, by the age of 7, he was already learning and getting quite good at the piano (Unger 75). As the story goes, the name ‘Duke’ was bestowed upon him because he was such a gentleman in all that he did, even from an early age. His parents encouraged him to work when he was a teenager, which he did, but his first passion was always music. It is well known that his first published song was wrote while he was working at a soda fountain in the D. C. era. The song ‘Soda Fountain Rag’ was written at the age of 15 and was noticed by many people in the area as the song that got Duke n oticed. He was so musically inclined that he was offered a scholarship at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. As appealing as that was to him, and with his parent’s blessings, he passed it up to begin playing professional as a jazz musician when he was only 17 years of age (Unger 75). As the reader can already ascertain, Duke Ellington began to shape his legacy at an early age. He was raised properly by parents who nurtured him and helped him to foster his own love and passion for music. People in the D. C. area quickly figured out that they might have a child protege on his hands.